Alabama Community College System AAESAP
Friday, April 25, 2014
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Release No.(Descending)
Release Date(Descending)
1.504/09/2014 1. Modified reports to reflect a valid EFL at the end of the Program Year for students previously in the indeterminate EFL category
2. Added the ability to reverse a Salary & Benefits line item in a Budget
3. Create Student DOB is now populated from Browse Student page
4. Added drill down for ‘Table 5’ and ‘Table 5A’ reports for prior program year row
5. Added Release No. to Release Notes
6. Converted numerous date fields to a standard format
7. Added the ability to see manually entered goals/outcomes without refreshing the web page
8. Eliminated duplication of names for Student Addresses/Mailing Labels
9. Corrected data for five students who were missing goals/outcomes
10. Changed validation for class meeting times to ensure valid times can be entered
11. Corrected budget line item entries displaying all zeroes
1.403/26/20141. Modified the sort order on the Expense Summary page to sort by fiscal month
2. Added number of active and inactive classes on the classes tab of the Program Information page
3. Added new report ‘Student Contact Information’
4. Added new report ‘Student Attendance by State, Program or Class’
5. Corrected data for two students who were missing GED goals
6. Corrected salary calculation in Budget Reports
7. Corrected percentages not displaying on ‘Student Advancement by EFL’ report
8. Removed ability to add line items when a budget is submitted
1.303/06/20141. Added messages and validation controls to user feedback page
2. Modified the sort order in Salary & Benefits to sort by name rather than line item id
3. Fixed a bug that was preventing a student from being re-enrolled without a test as long as the student has a previous test that has not expired
4. Fixed Bug: Monthly Summary of Funds report crashes if no month selected
5. New Report for student addresses / mailing labels
1.212/09/20131. New Program Attendance Rate Report.
2. New Class Attendance Rate Report.
3. New Student Attendance Rate Report.
4. Corrected permissions on Outcome deletion.
1.111/22/20131. Fixed bug that prevented budgeting more than one future employee.
2. Fixed bug that prevented budgeting pages from submitting on enter key press.
3. Fixed bug with session timeout redirect.
4. Corrected percentages on tables 9 and 10 col G.
5. Fixed bug preventing Alerts from expanding in certain browsers.
6. Fixed bug preventing the entry of attendance for multiple students in distance learning classes.
7. Created Student Advancement by EFL report to show students not reportable on Table 4.
8. State user given ability to delete students.
9. Corrected Table 4B numbers.
10. Corrected rounding error in minimum attendance.
11. State Admin given ability to delete goals/outcomes.
12. Corrections to "Required to Advance" calculation.
13. Teachers given ability to view GED alerts.
14. Misc changes to formatting/labels in Budgeting.
15. Fix bug causing improper advancement for students tested in multiple subjects crossing program year.
16. Added run date and additional parameters to all reports.
17. Added release notes display to Login page.
18. Changed budget line item overage.
19. Replaced outcome survey to show datamatched outcomes.